Each year the NGPS is held in a different city. This year, Mundus will be our host as the symposium will take place in Nijmegen. They will organize this together with Genius Loci, Ibn Batutta, Sarphati and V.U.G.S. Each study association is represented by two board members. The board of NGPS 2021 constitutes of the following members:

Chairman: Sjaak Mechelink (Sarphati)
Vice-chairman: Femke Bos (Mundus)
Secretary: Eline Hulsker (V.U.G.S.)
Treasurer: Anke van Gils (Mundus)
Commissioners of acquisition: Ian Witte (Genius Loci) & Joƫlle Hopman (Ibn Batutta)
Commissioners of Speakers: Lynn Kamphuis(Genius Loci) & Matisse Bulterman (Sarphati)
Commissioners of Promotion: Bart van Heijningen (V.U.G.S.) & Merel Flap (Ibn Batutta)