The National Geography and Planning Symposium is a yearly event about the challenges and domains within our discipline. The symposium is organized by five study associations across the Netherlands and aims to offer new perspectives and insights to students. The symposium consists of lectures and workshops with speakers from various industries. By connecting geography & planning students of various associations we bundle our experience and deepen the knowledge about a specific theme. Each year the symposium is organized in a different city and has a different theme.

The NGPS was founded in 2009 out of an integration of the planning symposium (PRINS) and the geography symposium. The first symposium took place in 2009 in Groningen and after 11 years there have been 12 editions. All these editions had a specific theme and the themes of the latest symposiums were:

– 2016: Able to be Sustainable (Nijmegen)

– 2017: The ever changing metropolis (Amsterdam)

– 2018: The Challenge: Rethinking Climate Change (Wageningen)

– 2019: Smart Cities: Re-discovering the Urban (Groningen)

– 2020: South East Asia: Challenges of the Future (Utrecht)

By inviting various speakers from the private and public sector the day is filled with different perspectives on a specific theme. Next to lectures, workshops are also held at the symposium which creates a unique possibility to use your theoretical knowledge in a practical situation. The previous 12 editions of the symposium proved that the event connects people and knowledge in the Netherlands and creates a new vision about current challenges in the geography and planning discipline.

Below you can see a selection of the pictures that were taken at the NGPS in Utrecht last year.